Наукова тема «Художня індивідуальністьТ.Шевченка
і світовий літературний контекст»
The scientific theme “Taras Shevchenko’s artistic individuality
and the world literature process”
In the process of scientific research it is defined:

- Taras Shevchenko's artistic conception demonstrated evolution of view and understanding of the Bible themes and motives, especially the idea of God.

It is defined that:

The idea of freedom in the Holy Bible and its interpretation in Taras Shevchenko's works. In this case freedom is seen as the choice between good and evil, and, as a result, between justness and sinfulness of each person.

It is determined that:

- It is clear that Taras Shevchenko's texts, that became a fact of existence of our literature, loaded each apply with the realized and unrealized reminiscence themes like "human and the world", "human and nature", "human and society", "human and God".

- Poets of so-called "mature modernism" intensely reach Shevchenko's texts as they are based on new classical canons, which are oriented on the entire worlds artistic values and Antics as a part of it.

It is proved that:

-The researches of Shevchenko by Mykola Zerov are a continuation of modern view on writer, formed by Mykola Yevshan;

- The specific of analysis of Shevchenko's life and creativity is about finding out the context and making the accent on the development of social esthetic opinion of the second part of the 19th century.

-  Zerov's researches on Shevchenko realized at schools, that are different by its forms and methods. The results proves thesis about successive creation of esthetically predefined conception of literature by neoclassic, which the purpose of systematic learning of phenomenon of literature.

- Zerov's multidimensionalness of the opinion and expression are compared to his accuracy of vivid comparisons and riches of reminiscences and allusions are observed in his lections about Shevchenko.

- Zerov's researches about Shevchenko became prove of new, "mature modern" stage of learning of this topic. Conclusions and generalization of the neoclassic do not loose the actuality in modern learning of Shevchenko’s inheritance.

It is found out that:

- Taras Shevchenko's works are clearly autobiographical. This assertion is indisputable if "autobiographical" means not only directly reflection of artist's life in his works, but expression of spiritual "Me", that was coded in implication. This spiritual "Me" can be revealed throug inverstigating of artistic structures and hidden mental contents;

- In addition to few self-portraits of artist, in his works there are genre pictures of self-portraits, some figured compositions with characters, which help us to find a similarity between the pictures and the artist; and Taras Shevchenko's works, in which his spiritual "Me" presented through the context, but not through the self-portrait or half-self-portrait image;

- in the work "Parable of the prodigal son" can be found all of the modifications of image of the author. That's why Taras Shevchenko is visibly or invisibly on his pictures and poems.

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